casual reminder that there is currently enough food in the world to feed every human on earth and completely eliminate malnutrition and starvation all together.

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" Your mental and physical health comes before anything. Exams can be redone. Your life can’t. "
by Don’t stress. It will be okay. Concentrate on yourself. Your mental and physical health comes before anything. (via finding-jodi)

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I was friends with this girl in elementary school
who died of an asthma attack
I had another close friend
whose whole life changed
because of a disease that hit her brain
and one day I was at the masjid watching my brother play basketball with his friends
few days later
news came that one of them passed away
just a boy of 15
and how many times do we hear of babies
who die before they even had the chance to live
and here you are 
"I’ll be a better person when I’m older."

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You lived inside someone for 9 months so it’s a lie when they say people can’t be homes.”

أنك عشت داخل إنسان مدة 9 أشهر، لذلك فهي كذبة حين يقولون،لا تستطيع الناس أن تكون أوطانا.”

— Key Ballah

by Key Ballah, translated by ayoubsalhi (via keywrites)

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" -This sadness is a longing,
a signature from God,
reminding you that you don’t belong here, that this isn’t your home.
by Key Ballah, Shoutout to My Sad Girls (via imperfectly360)

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