My parents need to chill with babying my older brother like hes going to college if he can’t figure out how to buy his own books why are you expecting me to when i haven’t even graduated high school yet.

And now i’m selfish for not helping out like um when has he EVER helped me out besides giving me money and presents (which i never asked for anyways).

They just put all their shit on me and not even acknowledge me when i actually need help like no go fuck yourself

Omg who the hell is tryna get into my facebook wtf

hate being sick :((((

Tbh never talk about your relationship with anyone but the one you’re in the relationship with. Honesty is the best policy. No matter how much your friends want whats “best” for you, a lot of the time they just tryna prove to you your relationship’s not good enough. Even though they don’t know all of it at all. Or what happens in it.

Talking about it with your partner’s the best way bc they’ll know whats on your mind about them, what you don’t like, what you desire, etc instead of letting them trying to figure it out on their own like they can read your mind.

Sigh. I always learn the hard way.

Isn’t it strange how we got all our goals and accomplishments we were talking about when we were together after we lost each other?

Were we holding each other back all this time or was it just timing?

Have to go to the most boring family party ever & its an hour away & my best friends aren’t even coming anymore & i don’t think theres even wifi there so i’m basically gonna die

This day deff turned around. Got nursed by mama & went shopping & saw a movie w my fam.

Getting sick on my last weekend before school starts sucks. I can’t even leave my bed without being too dizzy or in pain. I just keep sleeping and wishing for myself to get better ughhh :(

this summer went from being the best summer to look forward to, to the worst summer of my life. i just want it to be over with already tbh

Totally spent my night watching biology videos…

so happy we talked today. i hope to see you soon.

My heart hurts on a whole new level tonight. I hope Allah gives me the patience to get through this. I can’t wait for school to start so I can just drown myself in homework and college prep instead of being alone with my thoughts all day waiting for nothing, not wanting to do a single thing.

Thank you for completely ruining my morning

He said I just made his month when he just made mine